Spectacular displays for over 50 years ...

Kimbolton Fireworks have created displays for some of the UK's largest and most prestigious events, from Trafalgar 200 and the 50th anniversary of VJ Day in London, to Edinburgh's Hogmanay, Mayor of London's New Year's Eve Celebrations, London Eye and St Patrick’s Day, Dublin.

In 2012, Kimbolton Fireworks provided displays for the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Supplier of Pyrotechnic and Fireworks Displays (Ceremonies) to the London 2012 Games"

Our expertise is not limited to the UK, we can export fireworks all over the world. We were responsible for the display to celebrate the hand over of Hong Kong to China, as well as one of Europe's largest annual firework displays: Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Skyfest display.

London 2012 Fireworks in full HD - Over 4 million views

Bespoke Displays ...

Whatever your budget, from smaller scale displays to those for the largest private, corporate or national events, our display teams deliver individual solutions promising a display that is both dazzling and memorable. Whether the display is fired from a field, city-centre rooftop or barge, our teams can create a spectacle that will not only thrill audiences but also ensure that all health and safety procedures are met.

Our purpose-built HSE COMAH licensed manufacturing site gives us a warm, dry and safe working environment in which to plan and prepare displays reducing on-site risk.