Kimbolton Fireworks was born out of the work of Ron Lancaster who had established himself as a leading authority on the research of firework chemistry. Ron is now one of the most respected firework chemists world-wide and has written and published one of the most definitive firework chemistry books, 'Fireworks: Principles and Practice'. Ron’s commitment to firework chemistry remains as passionate today as the early pioneering days.

In 2013, Ron Lancaster was awarded a coveted 'Blue Plaque' by the Royal Society of Chemistry in recogntion of his contribution as one of the elite group of 175 most influential chemists in the UK. Ron was also elected one of the "100 leading practising scientists, 2014"

A teaser video showing some of the highlights of Reverend Ron Lancaster's amazing "Chemistry of Fireworks" lecture at Kimbolton School on 19th March 2013. At the end of the lecture, Ron was awarded an RSC Chemical Landmark plaque for his contributions to the pyrotechnics industry by RSC CEO Robert Parker.

The Kimbolton team continually strive to create better, brighter and more colourful compositions and continually experiment to develop new and exciting firework effects. In addition to traditional Display Fireworks, Kimbolton have developed a number of commercial pyrotechnic products and continue to explore new market places.

Kimbolton Fireworks operate from an HSE COMAH licensed manufacturing site, providing a safe working environment for the manufacture of fireworks and preparation of professional displays; one of the most modern & unrivalled firework facilities in the UK.